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In 2017, NET secured a grant in the amount of US$3 Million from USAID to assist the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information (MoEYI) in reducing violence among students and youth.

The USAID MoEYI Partnership for Improved Safety and Security in Schools Project sought to realise the following specific objectives:

  • To reduce violence and critical incidents among youth;
  • To reduce anti-social behaviour among youth;
  • Engagement of parents and community in the behaviour change process;
  • Providing co-curricular activities that will engage students and assist them to develop better social and life skills;
  • Conduct data gathering and analysis and monitoring and evaluation activities that will continue to inform decision makers on the management of crime and violence, particularly among youth; and
  • Build capacity in the MoEYI and its agencies, Faith Based Organisation, Community Based Organisations and other Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

The main beneficiaries are:

  • Youth in the 10-29 age range
  • 981 primary and secondary Schools
  • 50 targeted communities

Project activities commenced in July 2017 with the  prime objective implementing necessary measures to transform schools and their immediate surroundings into safe zones through a multi-layered, multi-sectoral approach, utilising community, parents, public and private partnerships in an effort to ensure a quality education system and raise the bar to benefit all learners, both male and female. The project was completed and the final report can be accessed below.

We build relationships with donors and investors, acquire resources to improve infrastructure and meet educational needs, while engaging communities for the benefits of our children.



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