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A key aspect of NET’s operations involve garnering and channelling resources (i.e. money and in-kind contributions such as books, computers and equipment) to meet the needs in the education sector.

Some of the needs include the development of infrastructure, teacher development, provision of educational resources, furniture, fixtures, equipment, computers.

The process of garnering endowments is facilitated through the relationships with stakeholders, donors and partners and is managed by the Donor & Partner Management Unit. The ultimate aim is to achieve the following:

  • Enable and maintain investments in the education sector.
  • Stimulate and encourage the involvement of organisations (public and private sectors, non-governmental organisations, bilateral partners, local, regional and international funding organisations and the Jamaican Diaspora) in the advancement of education in Jamaica.
  • Promote service, charity and volunteerism towards the education sector

NET is a Registered Charitable Organisation and has specific guidelines for donating educational materials.

We build relationships with donors and investors, acquire resources to improve infrastructure and meet educational needs, while engaging communities for the benefits of our children.



Caenwood Centre,
37 Arnold Road, Kingston 5

1876 967 9007

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