Donor Bill of Rights


Philanthropy is a critical component of the activities of National Education Trust (NET) and allows NET to forge partnerships for the development of the education sector in Jamaica. We recognise that philanthropy is a voluntary activity which flourishes in an environment of trust and respect.  To ensure that the required atmosphere is created and maintained, the Board of Directors of NET has approved a Donor Bill of Rights. 


We commit to you our Donor that:

    • You will be informed of NET’s mission and priorities.
    • You will be informed of the approach used by NET in allocating donated resources and of the beneficiaries of those donated resources.
    •  NET will use donations for the intended purposes.
    • You will be informed of NET’s stewardship.
    • The Board of Directors and Management of NET will exercise prudent judgment in carrying out the affairs of the company.
    • You will have access to our most recent audited financial statements.
    • You will receive reports of project activities.
    • Where circumstances require that donated resources be re-directed, such redirection will only be done with your consent.
    • You will receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition. Where public recognition is contemplated your consent must be granted.
    • NET will exercise the highest level of confidentiality, provided by law, with respect to your donations and their use.  
    • You will be treated with the highest level of professionalism.
    • Your contact information will not be shared without your expressed consent.  
    • NET will provide prompt and accurate responses to your questions. 


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